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Theory of the 3rd Practice

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Theory of the 3rd Practice

Post  Julia Mae on Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:48 pm

Listening: People often get their psychic information while in the shower, watching TV or driving a car. While part of the brain is engaged, the larger rest of it is available for information to come through. Suddenly, you "realize" something: Freida is having an affair, Fred is angling for your job, you have to get your brakes checked right away. You weren't thinking about Freida, Fred or the Ford, the thought just sort "came to you."

During psychic training, we often hurry ourselves. Instead of letting our minds be blank and waiting, we look for something to come. In the next task, you will need about 15 minutes in a quiet room with the phone off. This is a task that teaches listening.

The Third Task

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