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Theory of the Fifth Practice

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Theory of the Fifth Practice

Post  Julia Mae on Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:26 pm

In psychic development, one of the hardest things to make ourselves do is be specific. The 5th task is designed to overcome this tendency to edit first reactions into generic forms. We do this by asking for more responses than there are answers.

For instance, the task might be: "I own two cars. Write 8 car names." And you write down the first 8 names of cars that come to mind, i.e.: Buick, Pinto, Landrover, Chevy, Toyota, Jeep, Grand Prix, Cougar.

Note that the names are sometimes makes and sometimes models. Someone else might write "convertible" or "pick-up."

One might ask what good this is, as it increases getting a "hit" by luck. But we aren't interested in right answers right now. We are interested in overcoming natural hesitancy. If this were an active psychic development forum, there would be separate areas for all these types of tasks and people would do the exercises over and over and over, multiple people answering each question. Right now, going through the different training types gives a kind of overview of the types of psychism a person might have.

After completion of the 5th task, I'll post a summary of how closely your answers matched the targets. Do your meditation/mind-clearing and then go here:

The Fifth Task

Julia Mae

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