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In the Beginning... We Always Feel Stupid!

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In the Beginning... We Always Feel Stupid!

Post  Julia Mae on Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:05 pm

Everyone who starts trying to do psychic development feels dumb. It takes nerve, but mostly it takes letting go of expectations or thinking others will judge you.

If you knew a great basketball star like Michael Jordan only sank a basket 36% of the times he tried, you might be surprised. Psychic development is like that. We have to learn to recognize the incoming and we get it wrong a lot. But as we get better, we get it "right" often enough to learn which things are psychic and which random.

One of the things everyone says abut being psychic is: it feels like you are making it up. It does, that's why we feel stupid and usually start out trying to "explain away" the answer before anyone checks our work.

Everyone who ever did this felt just as weird about it as you do. So, try and relax. Remember everyone is psychic to some extent. We're just starting to train the muscles.


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